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03 January 2012 @ 04:35 am
2011 has been an extremely tumultuous yet monumental year for me.

Well first, I turned 21. It shocks me and now I have to at least think about some kind of plan. What do I wanna do for the rest of my life? Or at least what do I see myself doing in the next 5 years? I've always had that "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it" sort of mentality but now I can't just keep procrastinating on planning my future. I have no solid plan yet, just taking baby steps. I finally got a job as a part time pharmacy student and that makes me really happy and content. It was one of my resolutions and I'm over the moon about it!!

I got to meet some really amazing people this year through work and placements. Drawing inspiration from people keeps me going. 

But of course, lots of shit happened. Looking back now, there was a long period of time where everything was dark and gloomy. I was in a place where only very few people understood. I was doubting everything in my life - even how I felt. Its so horrible and I'm glad I got out of that shithole. Wasn't easy at all but with the help of some of my precious friends who I will be grateful to forever, I did. And now I'm finally happy and I really mean it. :)

2011 has taught me to see clearly. It put me through so many tests and challenges that I walk out a wiser person, especially with people. I now analyse situations better. I'm firmer in my beliefs. Less of a pushover. Forgiveness. Really appreciate my close friends who have been through thick and thin with me. Adding to that list of close friends. Importance of knowing what is important to me. Responsibility. Accept life as well as death. I might be stepping on greener grass and not know it. Learn from the mistakes of others. Never been happier with Kane. :)

My 2012 resolutions:
1. Get fitter
Already working on it!

2. Learn more patience
I merajuk too fast LOL

3. Find peace and calmness
I'm starting to learn how to meditate properly

4. Donate to a charity
Probably a doggy one!

5. Be on time!
Need to seriously work on those time management skills

6. Make time for the important people in my life
That means stop procrastinating and wasting time so much. Like lying in bed when I'm perfectly awake but I'm just LAZY.

7. How about actually having some savings?

8. Save enough to buy my extended family a big Chinese meal when I come back!

9. Be a better communicator

10. Gain some sense of humour back

Is it just me or do I feel like I'm losing my humour more everyday? Geez. One of the reasons why I don't update this place enough is that because I write posts and don't post them in the end because I don't think its funny/interesting enough. DAMN IT. 

And thats all I can think about! I hope all of you had a AWESOME New Years Party. I somehow ended up doing Jagermeister shots with Shawn and if I remember correctly I had 5 shots, a gin and tonic, half a glass of cointreau lemonade, wine and a Jagerbomb. After that I was according to some sources, extremely obnoxious and annoying; Apparently I was comparing Apple with Android when I don't freaking know anything about Android so I seriously dunno how I did it. After that I cleaned everything and checked out my eyes. They were as bloodshot and fuck. I then tweeted on my bathroom floor. Then showered and went to bed. And when I closed my eyes I felt a little spinny. But I woke up without a hangover! In fact I woke up really happy! I had 5 hours of sleep and then I hopped out of bed and was really cheery. Maybe I was still high? :S 

I only get really bad hangovers after I drink alot of wine. Which seems weird cos I would expect it to be worse with hard liquour?? Why am I so strange? 

How was your New Years? :)

Okay goodnight.
25 June 2011 @ 04:08 am
 Year 3 Sem 1 is over and done with!

This semester almost went by too fast! Somehow when you work extra hard, you seem to get this extra satisfaction after that. I'm a happy girl so far :) :) Being in Year 3, I'm kinda savouring my uni life, I really don't want it to end! 

Reading back on my past posts, I feel like I've changed a little you know? I started thinking alot, and in a good way! I constantly wonder what's life got in store for me and I probably should because I just tiptoed into my twenties - probably time for me to grow up and leave that pessimistic 16 year old thinking behind. 

Sometimes I look at people around me and I feel like I'm lagging behind. Why don't I have a good-paying respectable job yet and I'm still this underpaid waitress? Why is my mid-sem results average when I studied to shine? Why haven't I saved up enough money to buy myself a good holiday? Sometimes these things make me sad -  I won't lie. But lately I've learnt to take a step back and go.. Hey, you know what, I've got all the fundamentally important things right infront of me, which is love! I have a 7 year old relationship which just keeps getting better, I have the most beautiful and adorable little pup who never fails to make me laugh every single day, I have my parents who puts my health in utmost importance, I have family here in Melbourne and I'm staying in such a beautiful townhouse with my friends hanging out here all the time to be my little guinea pigs to fuel my cooking and baking adventures! 

Those things that I want, I want. But the things I have now, I need. And I always have to remind myself that. Its okay, the things I want will come soon when my efforts and luck meet.

Just one of the joys of my life
20 January 2011 @ 07:57 am
Happy New Year everybody, although around 20 days late!

I haven't even done a summary of 2010! 

My 2010 was pretty awesome! I usually use the word "bittersweet" in my year summaries, but to be fair, this year was really quite good! I:-

1. Rented a 3-bedroom townhouse together with Sheng Yi and Seou Yuen,  whom are fantastic housemates! We pretty much host parties in the house every night, not forgetting all that roaring laughter at 2am and homemade coffee!
2. Learnt how to cook and bake - alot.
3. Lost weight!
4. Got a Blackberry
5. Ventured out to find good food alot
6. Went to Gold Coast with my sweetheart and had such a relaxing time.
7. Had the most amazing and breathtaking holiday in the States!
8. And, took a teeny weeny step closer to the scary adult world aka work and other unattractive sounding words. 

The bad things:

1. Had abit of a slump in the middle of the year.
2. Didn't try hard enough to get a job
3. Didn't save much
4. I think my brain is getting a little slow. I find myself not remembering alot of things at all! BAD!!!

... Which brings me to my 2011 resolutions!! 

This year I've decided to be a little more real with myself. Few years ago my resolutions would have been

1. GET 4HDs

I've just come to a point when I go, I can't possibly do all of that and be happy at the end of the year. And I always put my own resolutions to shame because I cannot achieve even one! So! New New Years resolutions!

1. To be a good, noble and happy person
No more tid for tad; No holding grudges; Speak well of other people; Be helpful.

2. Maintain and cherish relationships.
Everybody knows I'm not a sentimental and affectionate person. Well at least I don't like to show it much to people. I should and can remind them how much I love them; or grab lunch with friends more often. I have been so lucky to find a handful of good friends in my life, the friends forever kind. Sometimes I forget how important it is to just have a simple chat with them. I don't want to suddenly feel like I'm so far away from all of them, as I have some point in 2010. Not nice at all.

3. Walk my furry little four-legged monster more often.
I admit I haven't been the best dog owner in the world, I do slack off walks. My worst being a week of not bringing him out, either because I'm too damn tired, its raining or I have dinner plans. I know I should really really make it a point to bring him out once a day. His tired and happy face (tongue out, ears back and 4 legs plopped on the floor) never fails to make me smile. And besides fresh air and jogging is always good!

4. Get more sleep every night.
Maybe this is one of the reasons why I'm losing my memory so badly :S

5. Expand my knowledge.
No idea if I was born yesterday, lived under a shell or have been totally ignorant for the past 20 years.. I seem to have terrible general knowledge. I shall work on that.

That's all my challenging yet achievable 2011 resolutions! I feel like printing it out and pasting it on my cork board to remind myself everyday!

I'm excited for '11. Let it be as good or even better than the last!
08 December 2010 @ 07:04 am
I think its absolutely fucking insane that its already December!

So right now, I'm staying alone in my Melbourne townhouse, which is weird because just a month ago there were 5 people staying in this house and there was so much noise going about! And I'm not complaining because I prefer noise than silence. Now I feel bad because I remember I laughed at a joke on Family Guy, saying that old people leave their TV on eventhough they're not watching it, just for some background noise. Today I found myself doing that. D'oh moment!

What I do to pass time is to..

1. Play GTA 4
I'm currently 53% complete with the entire game. I don't know if I wanna complete it to a 100%. I hope not. :S And I just suck so much at the game that the number of missions I've passed is almost half of failed missions. Why do I still play this game?

2. Read
I finished reading the Catcher in the Rye a few days ago. I picked it up because I once watched an episode of THS on John Lennon and his killer was basically obsessed with this book and kinda lead him to murder John Lennon. So out of boredom and curiosity, I bought it to try and understand.. why? I guess. Anyway not gonna bore you with what I thought about the book so, only click if you want to be bored by me.....

So... here's my noob little review or basically what I thought of the book (someone who doesn't read a whole lot of books and appreciates a shitload of literature yeah?

My opinion of the book hereCollapse )

Now I'm reading Lolita, which is a book about a pedophile. This one I only bought for 10 dollars! I figured since I splurged on the last one I should just buy a Penguin classic this time. Why the eff are books so expensive? After this I probably want something lighter to read though (but not chic-lit, sick of it since its the only thing I read last time). Someone please recommend me something! :)

3. Jog and take Rums out to the park
I feel bad that I'm leaving for so long. I'm going to be sending him to this doggy day care for 2 weeks and he's gonna get tonnes of exercise there but after that he's not gonna be exercising much for a little over a month so yeah. He's going to be staying with his cousin, Timmy! Mother's guilt. I take him out for as long as I can (if I don't plan to cook). Anyway its just nice to sit on the park bench and watch the doggies play.

Most people in the dog park are really nice its really fun to just share dog stories. A few of them have a stick up their ass and get totally pissed off when Rums go up to them and sort of jumps at them, not aggressively, just excited and he wants to say hi. He doesn't do it to everyone, just once in awhile. I always apologise for it cos I understand some people don't like it. What I hate is when people start telling me off. I mean you're in a fucking dog park what do you expect? To be as clean as you were when you got out of the shower? I've had my coat full of drool because this dog totally wiped his slob on me but they don't know what they are doing and its fine! Its not like "heehee. I'm gonna wipe all my drool on that stupid short Asian girl." Worse still, when I was jogging one day, this black lab wanted to say hi to Rummer and when I jog I hate stopping but the dog was determined to come up to Rums and it barked out of frustration. The lady behind me scolded the Indian owner (I don't know, this little detail may be relevant) and shouted "OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM? GET A HOLD OF YOUR DOG! HE'S SO AGGRESSIVE!!"  And trust me, it wasn't aggressive. Just eager to meet another dog which is NORMAL. Anyway, end of rant. Sorry about that :S

4. Sleep at 7am
I don't know whether its because I hate sleeping on a half empty bed or what. I just can't sleep at night. I'm wide awake till around 7am when I get kinda exhausted and I won't care if my bed is half empty and just pass out till 3pm. I know, super unhealthy. Blah!

5. Lay in bed for HOURS
Hey I'm not complaining though.

I planned to go to the beach since its already summer and all. But there is hardly any sun nowadays. Always cloudy and raining. Its so bloody annoying. I can't believe its summer when we hardly experienced any real spring. Okay maybe a week of spring. Then it became, whatever this is. At least its not flooded like some parts of Queensland!

Anyway, I'm going back to KL on the 14th of December. I'm flying MAS! Can't remember the last time I did! And on the 18th I'll be flying to Los Angeles and I'll be in the U.S. and A. (lol, I fucking love Borat) for 12 days! I'm a very excite!! *waves tiny American flag* Its my first trip to America!

I think that all for now. I'm gonna leave you with a video of Rummer playing football with Kane! I know its a dark video, I know its very long (i dunno how to cut) and I know my house is a mess, I was neglecting my recyclables pile. Anyway, enjoy! The other dog is Timmy, Rummer's cousin (Kane's sister's dog). Tata!

Uhh.. the embedded vid doesn't seem to be appear after I post it, I don't know whats wrong so I'm just gonna post a link up here too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM8LA2QPPVg

28 September 2010 @ 12:28 am
I remember way back in Form 4, when I use to blast my music in my room jumping and head banging all by my lonesome self (well okay, sometimes with a hairbrush) to the Strokes after a shitty day at school. Yes, I did that sort of silly nonsense back then, but it was my way of destressing and it was very very therapeutic okay!! Better than your facial.. or.. footrub or whatever. From then I vowed to see them live, but at that time they seemed super unreachable! Well, at that age almost everything felt unreachable to me at least.

It was around April when my house-mate Sheng Yi shouted from downstairs "THE STROKES ARE COMING TO MELBOURNE!!" and both of us FREAKED THE SHIT OUT. 

As you can see, the ad reads "on sale Monday 12 April" so on 12th April at 8 something in the morning I was at uni and I called Sheng up to start clicking on ticketmaster so we would be guaranteed our ticket (it releases at 9am). And to our utter shock and horror, even when she was there at 9am clicking for tickets, they weren't ANY left. So again, we FREAKED THE SHIT OUT. I dunno, I just felt crushed man, best word to describe that feeling. We looked on eBay and people were selling the tickets for 300AUD per ticket. I mean we couldn't afford that. I talked to a few of my friends and they said that some concert tickets get sold out in the pre-sale, WHICH we didn't check out. REGRET. Oh well, at least we learnt something - the hard way.

A few weeks later we got REALLY lucky and found tickets for  2 seating tickets for 120AUD each and we totally jumped into it! It was only 30 dollars more expensive than what they sold on ticketmaster and thats like, 2 meals out? Yeah I could sacrifice eating out twice to go to their concert, hell fucking yeah! I would eat grass for a week if I had to! And I guess seats weren't that bad at all since we're tiny little asian girls and we won't be able to see a goddamn thing except maybe a white guy's armpits. And I probably will get drowned and stepped on in the crazy boisterous crowd. So we were happy! Yayy!

So on that day, after uni we reached the concert venue wayy early. We waited an hour for the opening act to do their stuff, and they were atrocious. I think they were some Melbourne band and listening to them was just painful because he had those screeching piercing voices, like I had to cringe every time he hit a high note, then there was this all-girl band which was not bad (compared to the previous crazy dude who spoiled our ears). 

Anyway the Strokes finally, FINALLY came out. I was screaming like a pansy by then. They started off by New York City Cops. And that was the moment I discovered I was a crazy fangirl, like those crazy fangirls who scream and have crazy eyes when they see Edward Cullen or something. Yeah I couldn't control my screaming and I'd just have random bursts of AAAAAAAAAH MYY GAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 and the dude beside me backed off a little. The strange thing was the people around my seating area mostly just stood up and did nothing. Minimal jumping etc, as if they were giving them a standing ovation or something, so weird.

I can't remember what they sang in order and I'm just gonna try and remember what they played on the top of my head. They played Last Nite, Reptilia, The Modern Age, Is This It, NYC cops, Soma, What Ever Happened, Heart In a Cage, You Only Live Once and Take It Or Leave It. And there were a few songs that I didn't know *shy* BUT! I was the anger they didn't play 12:51, Ize of the World, Razorblade and Alone Together. HELLO?? EPIC SONGS HERE! Halfway through a few songs I was fumbling with my phone trying to give Debbie and Lauranne their concert calls, and unfortunately I screwed up what song they wanted because the phone line was so bad in there. Oh well! I was jumping and head banging and screaming that seriously, I couldn't stand straight after that. LOL.

They ended with Take It Or Leave It. And when I say ended with the song, I mean the ENDED with the song. They just disappeared when the lights came back on. Not even a thank you. What a drunken diva bitch you are, Julian Casablancas. But I still love him. Look at how charming he looks. <33

 Okay I'll admit this is a very old picture of him
Yeah I know he looks like he got hit by a bus all the time but I don't know why I still luff himzz!! :3

And Sheng showed me a video of them being interviewed. Someone should teach this boy some freaking manners.

Interviewer: So what made you guys want to tour all of a sudden? (such a good question! I would like to think the answer is cos Shu Ling is bloody lucky)
Julian: Um.. Honestly.. Money.

LOL. Aiyo love hate him. Okay I know its weird seeing me being all fangirl. Yeah sometimes I creep myself out too. Guhh. Sheng and I even watched a video of him laughing. Its like this person compiled a video of his laughs. And we watched it several times. O.o 

Here are some photos we took while queuing up to get out water tumblers back (we didn't know we weren't allowed to bring them in!)

Okay I suppose that is all! Sorry for the lack of photos but it was very hard for me to scream and take a photo at the same time so yeah. :P

27 September 2010 @ 11:33 pm

My idol. <33
31 August 2010 @ 01:41 am
Hello people!

I'm blogging in the dark, under my blanket with Kane and Rummer snoring beside me with my new Whiteberry Bold 9700. Life has been peaceful so far this semester. Besides last week when I fell sick, well not exactly sick but I had a really bad backache that rendered me retarded cos I couldn't sit or walk for long. Then my digestive system decides to go haywire and I had to visit the doctor twice in a week. Sigh!

My back was so bad that Han Yi, who now works with a physiotherapist came over to massage it for me. I was screaming bloody murder throughout the whole thing because my threshold for pain is abnormally low. People ALWAYS say I'm overreacting but I swear to the Lord of George I am not. And she kept touching my spine which I CANNOT BEAR. Yes I have an irrational fear for spines. I think they are disgusting. Especially when you can use your hand to feel the bumps behind your neck. It makes me dizzy thinking about it. ARGH. But anyway she made my super tensed muscles loose again and it was all better in a couple of days!

So anyway, what do I usually blog about?

Kane and I are going to Gold Coast for our mid semester break! Woohoo FUCK YEAH SPRING BREAK FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!

Okay now I don't have much to say anymore because since I came back to melbourne I haven't been going out much, didn't do anything remotely interesting or out of routine, didn't do much work either, didn't blog or socialise much. Basically been wasting a lot of time doing absolutely nothing. LOL. I'm trying to change now though. So I will blog again when I am in higher spirits cos I don't have any motivation to do anything at the moment.

See you soon!
04 July 2010 @ 06:18 pm
For the past 3 days in Ipoh, I've been watching TVB dramas non-stop with Grandmama until I'm pretty damn good at predicting whats going to happen next. Anyone can if they watch enough Canto dramas but here's a guide for those of you who are n00b-er than me:

1. Girl having stomach ache = PREGGORSZZZXXX!!!!
2. Impromptu meeting between girl and boy at night preferably at a bridge = BREAK UP/KENA DUMP ALERT!!!
3. Rich family = EVIL FAMILY MEMBER ALERT!!!
4. Fainting/sharp pains = TERMINALLY ILL!!! HAS CANCER!!!
6. Poor girl & rich guy or vice versa = MEANT TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER!!!!
7. Girl vomitting = PREGGERRRRS AGAIN!!!!
9. Crying in car at night = GOING TO THE BEACH TO EMO/KILL HIM/HERSELF!!!! or skip stones or shout really loudly to the sea "TIM KAII AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"
10. When bitching about somebody = THAT SOMEBODY WILL BE BEHIND THE WALL LISTENING!! 

These 10 key points usually work for most Cantonese dramas. I've watched a few series when I was in Primary school which were really really good and unpredictable but normally its just plain funny cos you know whats gonna happen next. Those Taiwanese Hokkien one are quite unpredictable, but maybe cos half the time I don't know whats going on. Great way to kill time though. :P

02 July 2010 @ 01:46 am
Hi peeps,

As yalls knows, I'm back in my hood MUTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAAAA.

I'm not drunk, trust me. Just VERY EXCITES. O_O

I've been back for almost a week now I think but now I'm Ipoh visiting my grandparents. My grandpa isn't feeling too well :(. I'm happy ad sad to see him at the same time. He's lost so much weight, can't talk much anymore, took him awhile to recognise me, can't walk.. Gone were the days when I use to be this noisy little thing jumping about the backseat telling him where to go and eat.  My grandma on the other hand, she's in pretty awesome shape for her age. She brings to out to eat and even showed off her mad knife skills to me. She can take a whole chicken (head and claws included), chop it up in 5 mins and decide this is for what, nothing goes to waste. In case you were wondering, the head gets chopped and fed to her fatty dog LOL. My grandma is the most hilarious person on Earth. Hands down. Love her muchos muchos.

I met up with whats left of our gang last week. Debbie, Victor and I went shopping. Debbie and I decided to be adventurous and try on size 25 jeans. I didn't think it would be able to go past my thighs but turns out it could, but cannot button. Same thing went for Debbie, We laughed like mad and guess what, we had so much trouble taking it off we had to sit down to do it. Thanks Topshop for providing a stool in your dressing room. I probably stretched their pants like mad and in the midst of stuffing my ass into the jeans, the tag popped and flew out. :( OH WELL I'M SORRY. Sigh, I miss these stupid moments!

Other news:
I cut my hair 3 inches short and got rid of that horrendous dreadlock
Recovered from a flu after 2 weeks
Missing everyone in Melbourne :( 

Sleeping early tonight. Taa. 

02 July 2010 @ 12:58 am
 Today my parents casually tried to fish out "very personal" information from me again during dinner. Dunno why they do it,  I mean they know I'm not gonna reveal anything to them so why ask? First my dad tried my brother:

Dad: So you and your girlfriend what? Kiss already ah?
Brother: Hmm nolahh
Dad: How about this girl huh? *looks at me* Sure slept with her Kane already lah?
Me: Nooo lah. 
Mum: Kiss already ah?? *very concerned* (My mum is hilarious)
Me: KISS??!! NOOO!! Haven't even hold hand yet lah what are you talking about?
Mum and Dad: *shakes head*

And recently my aunts and uncles love to snoop around Facebook and take every damn thing they read so seriously, like I'm married to Kane in my profile. During a family gathering they suddenly decided to talk about me for some reason (I always keep a low profile in family gatherings), so according to my brother the convo went like so:

Aunt 1: So ah, I saw Shu Ling's Facebook that she's married to her boyfriend now
Aunt 2: Ya ya I saw too! Wonder whats that about?
Aunt 3: But in a way its good la then other boys won't disturb her lor

Wtf? I think I gotta put up a disclaimer saying that I talk shit on Facebook 99% of the time. See, if whatever I wrote on Facebook were true:

1. I'm happily married to Kane
2. I have a cina (we speak perfect Mandarin) lesbian relationship with Lauranne (therefore I'm having an open marriage)
3. Debbie and I had this huge fight about our mother's famous chicken curry recipe (which Debbie stole from me and my mother)
4. One of my favourite pastimes is sexercise
5. I am damn freaking lala/jinjang (a damn good one btw)

Do you get what I mean? My life on Facebook is almost completely fake! I write BIG FAT BLATANT LIES up there FOR FUN. I mean look at my profile picture!!!!


Do you actually want to believe what a person with a picture like that says???

And I keep getting chain mails from my uncle that typically have headings like "5 things that can causes cancer" and if I don't send it to 15 people I will die from cancer in 5 days or something like that. Damn! I'm happy that they are venturing out to the interwebs but I wish they know that not everything they read on the internet is true! SIGH!!!!!!!! 

Truth is, I'm scared to death about my family and relatives being on Facebook. My parents have their own accounts and my Facebook suggests I be friends with them. *shivers* I like the way it used to be where they don't know/care about these "stupid teenager stuff". Maaan.